Have you ever considered using an automated process to build, archive, or even test your iOS application, like you want to get rid of the pain of releasing a new version from your exciting project?

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Then you should consider using the amazing Fastlane, the tool that created to save your day and automate your amazing deployment process.

What is Fastlane?

You can start by creating a Fastfile file in…

Have you ever felt lost when you were asked to release a new version from your iOS application? You have to double-check that you used all the production URLs and API keys. Right then, you feel the fear that you missed updating one or more of those values. If you have that pain? Then, I believe that now is the right moment for you to know about the XCode scheme to save your life and your time managing your project environments.

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In this article, we will go through these points:

  • How to add new multiple Schemes to your project?
  • How…

Yehia Beram

iOS Team Lead — Mobile App Developer @ TrianglZ LLC | Swift | apple | Lifelong Learner | Fifa player

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